Outdoor 2 outlet plug

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if there is an outdoor plug that has at least 2 outlets that I can plug into an extension cord that works with Hubitat that i can control each outlet separately ?


US Answer. Yes. Kasa (TP-Link) KP400 using the community developed integration.

Device at Amazon:

Hubitat Integration:


Not on the list but you could give it a try. I'm sure staff could add the commands to incorporate the second switch if it doesn't work. Or someone could write a driver for it.

Mr. Copeland informed me that this driver will work for the device I posted above. If you have any trouble with the driver let bcopeland know and he will look into it.


I just bought it. It uses a native device driver that supports independent use of each outlet. You don't have to install the Inovelli driver if you don't want to.


Which driver? I just bought one but it only controls the left outlet. I have to manually double tap the button on the device to control the right outlet.

If you are referring to the ZW97 in the Amazon link then EVA Logik Smart Plug - it creates two Generic Component Switch child devices for the two plugs.

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I have the ZW97 EVA Logik plug configured to use the Zooz Double Plug driver. HE created the 2 child devices and i can control them separately. However it does not seem to update switch status on its own. I have to manually refresh the device to update status. Anyone else facing this problem or know of another driver/solution that will refresh status automatically?

Did you push configure on the device page for the parent device?

Also, why aren't you using the "EVA LOGIK Smart Plug" driver with this device? That's what I use with the one I have.

Just prior to inclusion i had discovered a bunch of Zooz switches. The Eva Logik plug was discovered as a Zooz Double Plug and i never changed the driver, could just be coincidence... I did push configure a handful of times without any noticeable change. I will change the device driver to Eva Logic Smart Plug and see if it begins to update status.

If the Eva Logic ZW97 outdoor plug works in Hubitat, why isn't this plug on the "List of Compatible Devices" at List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation?

Hubitat documentation is a wiki - you should feel free to add to it.

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