Outdoor 12V zigbee/zwave lights

I have a bunch of 12/2 landscape wiring in my yard and I'm hoping to control accent lights remotely (and hopefully dim them as well). My transformer outputs 12V AC, so the lighting has to be 12V as well.

Any suggestions on lights / controllers that could work? Philips Hue seems to be a reasonable choice but I already have some lights at 12V and can't mix that with the 24V Hue spotlights.

Also, are there good suggestions on 12V christmas lights I can plug in (and are zigbee/zwave compatible)?

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Not sure if this helps, but Gledopto has a line of outdoor lights. I have not used these, so no firsthand knowledge.

Thanks for the link. Pretty close to what I'm looking for, but these are 24V DC lights (similar to Hue I guess). Was hoping for something that ran at 12V.

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