Out of the box lights

Looking for landscaper to wrap my palm trees in South Carolina with lights. I want to create holiday themes and manage from New York. I want out of the box solution, don’t want to build. Any products I can recommend to landscaper to install for me?

How big around is the bed you are trying to wrap.

Govee has a pretty good amount of outdoor lighting options available. Most of them can be integrated with Hubitat via the Govee Integration I take care of.

The items I can think of are

  1. Flood lights that are in 2 or 4 packs
  2. Spot Lights that i believe come in 2 packs
  3. Outdoor Neon Rope 32 ft Lenghts
  4. Path Lighting that i believe comes with 4 light devices
  5. Ground Lights in 36 and 50" lengths.

There may be more but that is all i can think of I have the Outdoor Neon Rop and the Ground lights. They works well.

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It sounds like you’re looking for color-changing LED strips. But can you confirm?

Yes, or addressable bulbs on wire. Wrapped around palm trees

Thank You for answering

Be sure to include an outdoor camera so you can verify that they color is set to what you think it is. If you don't mind spending a lot of money and want to be able map the lights and create an amazingly beautiful display where you control every single light and set to any of 16M colors and have animations etc... Take a look at Twinkly. They have a lot of options for types of lights and you can create amazingly cool light effects with them. And while they don't directly pair with hubitat, they are HomeKit compatible which means you could control them remotely AND with a bit of virtual switch magic you could control them through Hubitat too. I've used various Twinkly products for at least 5 years and they blow people away.

See: Twinkly


Reading over this again i thought it might be worth mentioning they also have their curtain lights that are weatherized for outdoor use as well and they have outdoor strip lights. The curtain lights could wrap around the tope and then they dangle down through the plant. The strip lights could be wraped around it just dont use the sticky tape on the back.

They do have christmas lights coming just are not released yet. They were sent out to testers already though.

If you have any questions feel free to ask as i have many of the items mentioned.

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