Out door sensors for alerts


I'm looking for ideas to get alerts from sensors outside for the driveway (cars arriving and people) also other areas of the garden. I've tried using hue sensors but when its windy they go off or if there's too much sun light they do to. Was thinking either a good quality mains pir to a aeotec module which can then give me a status or using konnected with photobeams.

Has anyone done anything similar, what were your results? What hardware are you using? happy to pay a bit more to get it reliable. Thanks

I use security cameras that detect people & cars. I'm currently using Arlo cameras and IFTTT, a solution I do not recommend. But there are quite a few better camera-based solutions that will detect people vs cars vs animals etc. And many of them have integration with HE.

Thanks brad, i do have blue iris installed and ai on that system but it recently broke and began to think something simple hardware wise would be enough. I should probably fix blue iris soon!

Many people seem happy with blue iris. Probably worth the effort to fix it :slight_smile:

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I have had good luck with three Homeseer FLS100+ motion sensors. They look like, and replace, generic light fixture motion sensors. They have been good for the wind in my area with trees around, trigger for people and vehicles in the driveway (or around the house) as well as deer (when close enough). Smaller creatures (cats, raccoons, skunks, etc...) do not trigger them.

They also provide a lux value (how bright is it out, so is it worth turning on anything) and can directly control lights in the fixture they are in (although they COULD just be mounted without connecting lights). I use them to detect motion around most of the house and also turn on the porch lights if there is motion at the driveway (not just the security lights they are mounted with).

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Have a look at Zone Motion Controller.
I've found actual person detection almost perfect with two Hue outdoor sensors in a False Motion Reduction Zone.

Yes, you should. Maker API works well with BI alerts.

@Vettester is there a walk through for how to do this?

@Ranchitat will have a look at this too

I'm sure there is buried in this or the ipcamtalk forum somewhere, but it's pretty simple to do.

  1. In HE setup virtual switches for your cameras.
  2. Setup the built-in Maker API app in HE to include the virtual switches in step one.
  3. Go into your camera settings in BI and click on the alerts tab.
  4. In the "Actions" section select "On alert..."
  5. Click on the plus (+) to add a new action.
  6. Select "Web request or MQTT"
  7. Copy the Maker API command that was created in step two and paste it in the http:// box making sure that you use the correct device ID and associated command for the virtual device you created in step 1.


I hate that these are ZWave as I've stayed all Zigbee to this point,
but dang if these FLS100+ modules aren't JUST what the doctor ordered for outside motion units.

Hats off to them for coming up with this as it adds a lot of flexibility for use.

I just saw the current G2 model also has a temperature sensor. One thing I do not see that they can do (from the product pages or user guide) is act leave power on to the bulbs in case they are smart bulbs. Would be one more nice feature.

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