Osram Sylvania Lightify Light Strips Default Color

Switching from Wink here and setting up my first Osram (Sylvania) Lightify Strip. I'm trying to get it to default to white 5000k, but setting it up as "Daylight" for default gives me this funky light teal color. I added a dashboard button and can change it, but as soon as I hit the "X" to close the dashboard panel, it goes back to this funky light teal. I don't know if that's what it considers daylight, but when I hit 5000k it goes to where I want it. I just can't get it to default to anything but this teal color. I've played with the settings and searched the forums, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I even tried setting a rule to make it changes once the light came on, but same color comes up.

The only action you need is "set color temperature 5000, level 100". Also there is a known bug in Dashboard regarding color lights. You could just set up a tile for this with the dimmer or switch template.

and btw, the color version of daylight white is that awful bluish on mine as well. Alexa gives a nice selection of whites and colors if you have that integration.

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Thank you @Ken_Fraleigh! I added them to my Alexa app and the color selector is quite nice. I added all my Lightify recessed lights and have them all working now. They still go to the ugly blueish color from the dashboard, but if I just turn them on and off via voice, they set the right color.

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If you turn on “pre-color staging” in the device driver, you can set the color or color temperature before the light comes on if you don’t like seeing it transition. I have a rule that sends CT changes to my lights at different times of the day (like a circadian rhythm) but doesn’t turn them on if they are off. This is especially nice in the morning and middle of the night.
Almost forgot that I also set my transition time in the driver to 1.5 seconds because it wasn’t reporting correctly at shorter times. I have about 40 of the Sylvania color lights, the A19 bulbs haven’t lasted well, thankfully they have been replaced under warranty, but I haven’t had any problems with the recessed lights. If they are new, they still come with the firmware from 2 years ago that needs updated btw.


Hey im trying to figure that all out too, my wife hates when she come son flips on the switch and they are not daylight color!! i keep mine on just a tuya wifi switch turn it off with alexa or siri, do you happen to have a copy of your rule so i can see what im doing wrong. my lights are not left fully powered all day as i put them on a on off switch.

im not even sure where to get to the deice driver im new to this i have always used homebridge.

im just loking to have my these lights stay as daylight and at night i like to turn them blue .

You have to keep them powered on for this to work. You will have problems if they are being turned on and off. The Generic Zigbee RGBW driver should be used for these. You can change it from the dropdown menu on the device page. You can also enable color prestaging from there as well. The lights usually will remember there settings through a power cycle if they were at that setting for at least 30 seconds.

awe ok well to keep them powered on all the time wont work with the switches i have they are wifi. i didnt see how to see how to set the prestaging i can see that i can only turn it on or off im using the driver youre talking about. tahnsk for getting back to me by the way!

Device page should look like this if you are using the correct driver:

I ended up adding a rule to do daylight and 100% when it comes on and 10 seconds later as a follow up. 99% of the time, it catches any stragglers.

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thanks that what mine looks like!

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