OSRAM Smart+ plug driver - not updating state change


I have a few OSRAM smart+ zigbee plugs on my system using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. Quite often when a device.on() or device.off() is sent the socket physically switches but The state of the socket often fails to update. This problem has caused me problems as when the socket is reporting the wrong state, any application which attempts to toggle the switch fails as it is trying to switch to the wrong state.

I have temporarily fixed this in my apps by running a device.refresh() before device.currentSwitch which updates the state of the device. I can not, however, fix this problem for rule machine or other built-in apps

A solution that I could put in place could be to write a little app to send a device.refresh to all my sockets every minute but it would be better if someone at Hubitat look into why the driver is not working correctly please. For information: I have recently migrated from Smartthings and did not have any problems with these same Osram sockets when using a smartthings hub.


For those with the same problem, I have written a little app to refresh the switches and send notification if the switch has failed to update

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I use the Ikea TRADFRI Control Outlet driver and it works very well

Can anyone confirm that Osram Smart+ plug works fine on Ikea driver?


Yes, they work with the Tradfri driver, better than the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" driver

This topic has been quiet. I was using the generic ZigBee driver at first and it was working as expected. Then I started having the issue - state not syncing.

I switched to the Tradfri driver as recommended above which didn't solve the problem unfortunately. These plugs were rock solid in ST. Did anyone find a solution? I would like to avoid polling these devices.

Btw I have this same sync issue on zwave fibaro's too but not sure how those could be related.