Osram RGBW Alexa

Osram RGBW are not properly exposed to Alexa.

I just migrated one over and I am not allowed to properly change color via Alexa.

I think this is normal. Hubitat only exposes “switch”-capability devices to Alexa. All my lights are Hue lights paired to the Hue bridge (which I’m not using with Hubitat yet—hopefully soon?), so I can’t test this, but I don’t even think it supports dimming (EDIT: may be wrong about this—again, I can’t test), much less color changes, even if the “switch”-capable devices themselves support it (and even though the Hubitat hub emulates a Hue bridge to make this work in the first place, I think).

I’m looking forward to improved Alexa support all around, in my case so devices like thermostats can be voice-controlled. :slight_smile:

Osram bulbs can be certainly be dimmed by Alexa on hubitat (I can’t speak to color changing since mine are white/tunable white only).

Yes, our current Alexa connection only supports dimmer functionality, on / off / level. More to come…


The wife had to have voice control of the Osram RGBWs, so I came up with a tedious workaround. I chose 12 colors and made a virtual switch for each color which is discoverable by Alexa. Then in RM I made a triggered rule for each color. Virtual switch turns on, triggering set bulb color and turns virtual switch off after 1 second. I had to use the hue color settings for each color as the built in colors in RM do not match colors on the Osrams. It’s a PITA, but the wife is happy!!! “Alexa, turn on orange. “


Very creative solution. I’m not sure I want to create hundreds of virtual devices and rules to handle something as basic as color changes though.

Looks like I’ll be moving back to ST.

I certainly understand that. Keep in mind this is a new, quickly evolving platform so I wouldn’t totally give up on it. As @bravenel said, there will be more to come as far as Alexa integration goes. I’ve moved everything over to Hubitat minus a wifi thermostat and a DNLA speaker, and between the ability to run a blended system and the brilliant minds around here, I’m cool with that. It’s just a matter of time before those will be supported.

In six weeks, the reliability has been proven to me. The cat no longer gives me dirty looks when his litterbox light fails to turn on because of a cloud outage.:laughing:


LOL. I hear ya.

I’m leaving basic automations and motion lighting on HE. Anything that needs app control or Google Home or full Alexa control is staying on ST.

We will have a hybrid home and hopefully high WAF.

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I currently have a blended environment. I moved everything over to Habitat except those devices that are not yet ported, or not yet fully supported. I use hubitat for 100% of all my rules. This way, I can turn on/off lights, set colors, lighting levels, etc through hubitat. In my case, I did not decide it was important enough to move my OSRAM bulbs back to smart things. I do have my OSRAM lightify dimmers on SmartThings, and those control a virtual dimmer on smart things. The virtual dimmer is exposed to Hubitat and my hubitat rules are driven by those virtual dimmers. The reason for this was because the lightify device type (zigbee button) is not yet supported by hubitat, and as such doesn’t seem to be available to hubitat. But this was a very clean and very responive solution.

Just migrate the color bulbs over to ST, and leave all the rules in place on the Hubitat. Export the bulbs to Alexa via ST, and do not export them via Hubitat. It’s an easy solution that allows you to migrate while maintaining local rules processing for everything that Habitat works fine for.

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Any idea when we might see some traction with expanding the Alexa functionality?

Right after google assistant support. crosses fingers

Any idea when the color changing will be available?

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