Osram Lights stopped working after hub-

After upgrading to hub- my lights connected to motion detectors stopped working. If on, they won't turn off, if off they won't turn on. I can turn them on/off from the dashboard.

I'm using Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) device driver and Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor.

The same motion sensor turns on other things such as switches, but not these lights. The lights are Osram Lightify. The motion detectors are Lowes Iris V2

I rolled back to version hub- with the result being that the lights work again, however the hub says it is still version hub-

Did you go to http://yourHubIP:8081 and Restore Previous or did you go to Settings|Backup & Restore? The first would revert the hub version, the second would restore and rebuild the database (this is what it sounds like you did based on the hub version.)

I used Settings|Backup & Restore. The platform version that it said I was restoring was I can live with the inconsistency. The real issue is that the lights don't work if I keep on the upgrade schedule.

Okay, what happened is that you restored the database from a backup made with, which is actually one of the first things that you would probably have been asked to try as it resolves most issues. Bottom line is that you are running and the database has been repaired, so now your lights are working again.

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Thank you for your quick reply. So, if I understand correctly, there was a corruption of the database that is now fixed, and I am still running the latest code. Therefore I should not worry too much about continuing to upgrade the code as necessary. Is that right?


Great! Thank you for your help!