Osram bulbs SUCK

Just had to rant a bit... I'm sick and tired of these stupid osram bulbs.... They had issues when I used wink.. they have issues here... My Cree bulbs work don't have issues... But the stupid osram bulbs keep disconnecting and I have to reconnect them sometimes having to completely repair them then rebuild the rules I'm using for them ..

I will say part of it is likely my daughter... She seems to like and turn the light off/on manually.... For whatever reason, no matter how much I tell her not to,... and well at 4 she's not listening....

If we intended to keep this house or needed connected bulbs for our next phase.. then I would be replacing it.. but not worth the investment.. I may move one of my Cree bulbs that I have in there that has worked for me, and move it somewhere else and see if it's the location, the bulb or my daughter.... Glad my next phase the controllers will all be behind the walls hooked to main power, lol.

Sorry just had to rant about this one pain in my rear bulb... It's always been a headache for me.. but it disconnected last night... Then I had to remove and repair today and it's already not responding.... It usually lasts a few days.....

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I don't want to make things even worse for you (Osram bulbs are widely noted as being on the "naughty list"), but are these Cree bulbs directly paired to Hubitat? If so, you might run into problems with those too (they're also on many people's list). The "Tips..." section of the Hubitat Zigbee docs summarize the issue with these bulbs and many others:

Avoid adding Zigbee lightbulbs to your hub in combination with other Zigbee devices, since the lightbulbs will try to act as [repeaters], but unfortunately they only perform this role properly with other lightbulbs. The exception we have found are Sengled Zigbee lightbulbs, which do not try to take on the role of repeating other Zigbee devices. Zigbee light bulbs do not have issues routing among themselves, therefore a good alternative is a separate Zigbee network via a compatible bridge such as the Philips Hub Bridge, or a second Hubitat Elevation hub with only Zigbee lightbulbs paired to it. This will avoid this issue of bulbs attempting, and subsequently failing to repeat signals for other devices, by establishing two separate and stable Zigbee networks.

If your Cree bulbs are already on a Hue Bridge or if you don't have any non-bulb Zigbee devices (like smart plugs, motion sensors, etc.) on the same network, then you're unlikely to notice these problems. Personally, I had problems even on a bulb-only hub with the Crees--they kept "falling off" like you describe with the Osram (a problem I also noticed with the only Osram bulb I ever used, but then on SmartThings; I eventually got rid of it). Your luck may vary, and it seems maybe it's actually good here. :slight_smile: (They work great on a Hue Bridge, BTW--that's where I moved all my Cree bulbs back to after the aforementioned experiment. That's not an option for Osram unless you're lucky enough to have one with Zigbee Light Link/ZLL firmware, something they foolishly stopped offering to US customers a while back.)


I don't want to speak for @april.brandt but as I remember it, she found there was a device count that affected the result.. more than 8... if my memory is functioning today. :slight_smile:


I have a couple of dozen Osram/Sylvania bulbs. On Wink I would lose one or two every couple of months. I updated the firmware on all of them and it helped greatly.

On HE they worked much better for me. I could go a few months or more without issue. Then I started adding a bunch of motion sensors and my mesh went off the deep end. I would sometimes lose a bulb but and often lose a motion sensor (Iris v2).

I finally got a second HE hub and moved all of the Zigbee lighting to that hub and everything has been happy ever since. It turns out that most Zigbee bulbs are OK at routing lighting traffic but anything else has a way of overloading the buffers on the bulbs. Sengled bulbs are great because they don't repeat and thus avoid this common problem.

The best solution I've found is to update firmware and create a Zigbee bulb only mesh. I still add Sylvania bulbs because I can find them for under $10 each. (I recently got four BR-30s for $23.) I had enough that adding a second hub was cheaper than replacing them with Sengleds and I can still add more when I find a good sale.


Ironically I have 5 Cree blubs no issues. Opted to buy the 2 osram bulbs for my kids rooms because it was half the price.. have never had an issue with the Cree bulbs on wink or hubitat at this point (only 3 weeks on hubitat though).

All of mine are relatively 'old' bought them in 2016/2017..

I'm not to worried about them though... We're packing up this house to move out.. and our next adventure (full time RV), I won't have any bulbs, only 12v lights which will be wired with in wall controller's so not to worried. Then whenever we get to the next house after that adventure the option will change..

Yes. I had a steady 8 with no problem. Added two more and and the :poop: hit the fan. I think that there are other factors like strength of mesh, etc. But, yah. Those bulbs make terrible repeaters on the regular network. I added my osrams to a separate hub with my crees and it runs like a dream. They're good by themselves, but add them to your regular mesh and you're in for a treat. Also, both of those bulbs like the higher channel, so they run on channel 20 and everything else is on 15. They've been harmonious. So, if you do have a bunch of money tied up into those bulbs, buy another hub when they come available again and separate them out. They'll live out their days fairly quietly if they don't have to work for someone else.


Now I just need to get my 30 MiLight bulbs on HE but that's another story. :smiley:

That's a lot of bulbs!!! Dang

Have you tried the gateway integration (limitless LED) in the community?

Not yet. I have the ESP and radio module, I just haven't gotten around to building it yet. They used to be connected to my Wink system through a Hue Hub emulator but I never got that to connect to HE. I've had a dark living room for about six months now. Too many projects. :wink:

And they are all in my living room. :flushed:

I used to have a gallery where I used track lighting with LED GU10 bulbs. For each picture I used one warm white and one cool white bulb to get better color rendering. When the building closed I installed the track in my living room. It looks better than the gallery ever did! The bulbs are RBBCCW so I can set the white point in the middle and get the same effect as having two lights at each location. Then I can use the RGB for accent and mood lighting.

Hue GU-10s were $50 each and I was able to get 30 of the MiLight bulbs for $300 shipped. It was worth the extra hassle and worked well with Wink for years. I didn't mind that the controller only had four channels (I could have added more controllers.). Channel 1 was for the pictures, channel two was a special case where the lights were closer to a few pictures, channels 3 and 4 were for accent lighting in the room.

Back on topicish: I have lots of problem children. :smiley: I got the Sylvania bulbs back in line with a dedicated mesh. I've been able to expand and stabilize my automation since moving to HE and interacting with the community.

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Sounds like a pretty awesome setup there.

I will say...

I've been phasing out my OSRAM/LEDVANCE/whatever-they're-called-now bulbs and replacing them with Inovelli RGBWs ($16/each!)

With Z-Wave associations as a backup if my hubs ever go down (for dimming, and power) I've been incredibly happy, and wish these would have been available when I was originally deploying my home's setup. Paired with the RGBGenie controllers, and Inovelli RED dimmers, this is something that is definitely worth considering :slight_smile:

Now, we just need someone to make an RGBWW controller---Aeotec used to make one, but I can't find it in a U.S. frequency anywhere.


Well I was getting tired of the bulbs and our next stage is a few months out still.. so didn't want to deal with these devil bulbs... Got a deal on some Teckin WiFi bulbs for 4 for $33 rgbw. Flashed with tasmota and working great. Just need to venture into the kids room to install them. Just see the kids asking Alexa all day to change the colors now though... That's going to be some fun arguments I foresee :thinking: