Organizing and Grouping Data / Child Objects and sending to google home

Hey guys,

The amount of help I have received here so far has been amazing. I am still struggling with how to organize my 'stuff'

I want google home to be my dashboard for all (hopefully). But I can't seem to get child objects working the way that I expect.

Say I have a Fridge and it has some Attributes like DoorOpen, Temp, and Filter. Since they are all different 'things' I don't understand how to present these at the same physical device tile in GH.

Same with a ceiling fan. I would expect to be able to build a 'fan' and have 4 'switches' Fan-hi, Fan-low and so on. Even though they are not switches, I feel like this should work.

But where I am right now, I have a device for each 'thing'. A device for my fridge temp and a separate device for my freezer temp. I just want them both to show as a single device in GH. Is anyone doing this?