Organizing and cleaning up my equipment

I have been looking a the corner of the closet in our office that is home to our nest of gear, router, modem, VOIP access point, 2 blink hubs 3 hubitat hubs, and more than likely something else will be added before long. The nest of wires and cables is getting on my nerves and I'm trying to figure out a way to clean it up a little. I came across this on ebay. It got me thinking about getting one to put the hubitat and Blink hubs on. Primarily just to clean things up, but im sort of thinking that the fans to cool the hubs might help. Right now I just have them stacked on top of eachother, and they do get a bit warm. And thoughts or suggestions?

My son and I 3D printed 3B+ frames to build a PI cluster. You really have to be careful with temperature when stacking Pi's and we took all the precautions with air channels, cable management etc. It worked great until we started playing around with overclocking for the cluster project and emulating a supercomputer. Lets just say the meltdown was an incredible success and we lost 4 Pi's out of the 8 we had in the stack. The smell still lingers in the lab we were working in at his school.

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