Order Number.... How many?

Ok… so I just ordered a second Hubitat hub

I want a second one to ‘play’ with and develop some code on, before moving it to my ‘production’ environment
I also want to test backup/restore/migration should anything go wrong :slight_smile:

I was intrigued to find my order number was #1172
Does this mean that there are already 1,172 Hubitat hubs sold in just a few weeks?
(Will be even more soon after latest ST outage)

I’d be interested how many hubs have been sold, and how ST outages affect sales :slight_smile:
Guys, how about a running total? :slight_smile:

This hub seems to be taking off - Well done to the Hubitat guys!


I just thought of something…
How about a new avatar icon for people with more than one hub?

Something like…
‘SuperOwner’? or
’Idiot with too much money’? or
’Guy with very understanding/dumb wife’ (“of course this is 12” dear… tell your friends")

Suggestions please!

The list could be endless…


To be safe. I will just stick with my generic avatar. Go ahead and take that chance :grin:

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Luckily, my wife doesn’t look at these forums :slight_smile:

Or I would be in BIG trouble

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