Orbit Water Hose Timer - being overridden by internal timer

I have an Orbit Water Hose Timer 27087 that I have been playing around with. It seems to work well except that it has internal programming that cuts it off every 15 minutes. What’s worse is that when it does, it doesn’t even update the valve status in HE. I want my automation to control everything but that blasted override is messing it up.

My application. I have a motion sensor on the back of the house that detects when the grandkids are actively in the blow up water slide and keeps the water turned on. When they come inside or go about something else, after a bit, the water cuts off.

Does anybody know how to cut off the internal timers and let HE control it?


Which app/driver are you using? If the one below, you might have better luck asking in that thread. Seems to me that question has arisen before, but not sure what the answer was.

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AFAICT, mine doesn't do that. Although I am checking it later today to confirm. Here's what the device page looks like:

I’m using the standard HE driver.

My page looks the same. I think it’s something with the manual programming features of the valve. I looked at the “programming” manual but can’t seem to find where that timer is set in the unit.

I think that’s a different device than the one I have. Mine is a simple water hose timer and not the bhyve.

Make sure that Schedule is off. I turned mine on via the device page about 20 mins ago and it is still going. Under preferences, I have it configured to stay open for 30 mins.

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Thanks. Is the schedule controlled completely by the buttons on the device page?

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I think so

Thanks I’ll give that a try. By the way I just read your contribution to the post about the motion sensor use on the Sabbath. Thanks for the enlightenment on other customs/religions. Quite interesting dilemma!

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Interesting. I didn't know Orbit had a smart water hose timer that wasn't B-Hyve. Ah ... I see now that you mentioned the model and it is an older Zigbee device. Never mind.