Orbit 2nd generation hose faucet timer

Orbit announces a second generation B-Hyve hose faucet timer | TechHive


You need a 2nd generation Orbit hub to bridge the bluetooth to wifi apparently.. don't know if you can then access via the API or not.

I am currently using a solenoid valve + outdoor plug. For my simple "patio" watering it works great. No cloud or other stuff required.

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I'm in the market for something like this as well. Could you share specific models/sources? I see no need to reinvent the wheel if there's a proven solution already working! Thanks.

@wildm011 - I am using this (included links for the hose adapters as well):

Note: I bought 2 of these in 2017 so there might be other cheaper ones on the market now. Note: they are still working great!!!

Note2: Also need some sort of outdoor electrical cord you can wire into the solenoid valve. It's super easy to do.. just get an old outdoor extension cord and cut the end off.

Note3: and an outdoor smart plug like this:

I needed a double plug but you can get a single one if only using one solenoid valve..

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Thanks - I think I'll give that a try!

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It's a very simple setup.. also be sure to use PTFE Thread seal tape around the hose connections... I am also using quick connectors to make things easier as well. Here are some pics I just took to give you an idea..

These are the solenoid units (they are normally closed when there is no power) - I have them on a simple step stool and have them covered with an old recycling bin:

Here is the smart plug - it's rated for outdoors but I am keeping it in a weatherproof box anyway. I was originally using some old Iris smart plugs in there which were fine but am happier with this setup.

And here is one of my hookups to my tomato plants:

Just a simple rainbird manifold with standard watering tubes etc.. Am also considering getting a "vacuum breaker" to prevent backflow.