Options for Large Touchscreen Display

I've run out of screen real estate on my 10" tablet. I'd like to have a 15" or even 20" touchscreen display to mount on the wall.

Seems like Android tablets mostly max out at a 10" screen so I'm contemplating running a 15" portable monitor with a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4. I have no experience with Raspberry Pi's but I can definitely figure it out.

Wondering if anyone is doing anythign similar or has any other ideas for displays larger than a 10" Tablet? Is a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 up to running an 15" 1080P screen, displaying a Sharptools dashboard with a few live camera feeds running?

I am using an Odroid C4 to drive a 15.6” Asus Zenscreen Touch. Display my Sharptools dashboard with it, although I don’t keep any live camera feeds on it. I wanted a large display with thin bezels, as well as something that could just be stuck on the wall flat without sticking out much from the wall. When it works, it’s awesome. It’s pretty finicky, though, so I have to unplug and replug the USB cables every now and then. Probably wouldn’t recommend the exact same setup unless you are willing to fiddle with it, but I haven’t found anything else that would work better yet. Interested to hear if anyone else has.

Getting sufficient power to these portable monitors, without draining their batteries, seems to be challenging. The Zenscreen requires a lot of juice. Have to use the right USB cables or else it won’t supply enough power.


There used to be a company that made 20" tablets... Cannot find the name or remember it now but by this point those are all ancient and they were pretty delicate.

Depending on budget there is stuff like this:

Thanks JustinL, I could get sufficient power to the screen but definitely want something that's going to not be finicky. My tablet just works like 98% of the time but just need more screen real estate.

Thanks @snell for the suggestion too. That's a little more than I want to spend but a good option otherwise.

Hmm. Will have to maybe just test out a Raspberry Pi and mobile screen. Can always make use of the Pi somewhere else and return the mobile screen if the setup doesn't work I guess.

Not sure what your price point might be, but sometimes there are similar things for cheaper. On eBay for example I just searched on "android tablet digital signage" and found a very old (Android 4.4) 22" for ~$200 and a 32" for ~$400.

There were also a bunch of touchscreens that came up in a variety of sizes as well.

I was looking at those 22inches drawing tablet for a while. Some will work with just a pen while other with touch. Just waiting for my 17inch Iview AIO touchscreen to kick the bucket before I could upgrade :sob:. Yes, I am afraid of my wife.

I like that!! Also have you seen this?

I've used it a while ago to boot to a full screen webpage running under chromium browser. Very nifty. I have not used it in a while though..

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No, hadn't seen that. Will have to check it out. I don't have any Rasp Pi laying around to try it on tho....maybe an excuse for another purchase? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! This would be handy if I went the Raspberry Pi route!

I also came across this video on how to make a touchscreen display from an old laptop touchscreen.

Would be a bit of work but could be done relatively cheaply and would look nice when done!

Thanks for this suggestion. I'm currently using an older ipad and it struggles to display a live camera feed in SharpTools so I'm hesitant to use an older tablet again with a larger screen.

Yeah, I was watching that video before as well. Nicely done but I don't have his kind of skill to get it right on my first try. I will probably need at least 5 laptops :rofl:

You can easily pick up used 15" ELO USB touchscreens on eBay. Many of them are pulls from POS systems or Kiosks. ELO has excellent driver support for all OS, including Raspian.

You should probably stay away from devices that old. WebView changed between Android 4 & 5 and the Hubitat dashboards don't work. They are just a black screens.

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I run a RPi3 connected to a 24" 1080 touchscreen monitor I bought on ebay for $75 (pre COVID). There are some guides on setting up the RPi as a kiosk on Chrome. From what I remember there is a setting to make the SD card read only so it doesn't get corrupted. I have mine on a ZigBee outlet and only turns on when scheduled to reduce power usage.


bpspiller what type of touscreen is it? Is it a portable touchscreen like the kind you would carry as a portable second monitor or a touchscreen display out of a laptop?

Also do you have any experience with how the raspberry pi handles live video running in a dashboard?

Dell p2314tt, I run 3 image streams on a hubitat dashboard from Blue Iris fine. The only issue I have encountered is there is no way to refresh the screen, but I could set up a reset button on the dashboard if I really wanted to.