Options for Controlling Amazon Echo Volume

Are there alternatives to Echo Speaks to control the volume of my Amazon Echo devices?

I believe the Follow Me app also has the capability to change the volume.

You can set device volume in the action of an Alexa routine, so you could trigger it with a virtual switch/contact. However, you'd have to have a different routine for each volume level and it looks like you'd have to have a different set of routines/virtual switch for each Alexa device.

I wish there was a way to set the volume back to the pre announcement level.

When playing music on volume 4, she announces at volume 5, we have to tell her to lower the volume back to 4

Oh such first world problems

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There are quite a few functions to control the volume. Like setting the volume, then speaking, then setting the volume again. Check here

You can, check out this command, on the link above :+1:

executeSequenceCommand("volume::50,, speak::This is pretty cool,, volume::30")

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As an alternative, you can use @ogiewon’s Amazon Alexa TTS. Recent versions support volume control of Echo devices.


Thanks Royski, I'll check it out

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Thank you, I see that.

I created a very simple rule to capture volume, play message at a higher volume, then restore

Started music, told alexa to set volume to 3, ran the rule

The volume goes up to 5, plays the message then resumes the music also at 5.

Since I don't know if the capture didn't work or the restore, is there a way I can log the captured value?

What am I missing?

Edit: Well I found this, at least I now know it never stored the current volume, therefore it can't restore...

@toy4rick - There is a significant delay between telling Alexa to change volume and when it actually registers that change. It is not a HE issue, it is how Alexa operates natively. My guess is that some of your actions execute in a rate that may be faster than Alexa’s processing of those resulting in not making the appropriate volume changes. Try playing with waiting a few seconds between the speak and the restore and perhaps between the store and the speak albeit that may delay the speech operation overall.

Or use one of the integrations listed above by other users. YMMV.

Thanks for the suggestion, 10 secs didn't work either...

Follow me kills my hub with messages/activity, and Alexa TTS is OK but I get cookie warnings every day...

This was on my wish list, I'll move along now, nothing more to see here

I'd run this rather than trying to get RM to do it. I don't use RM, so don't know how you would do this, but its the best commend for what you're looking for I think.

One other thing to consider. I've just been adding new pages to @Cobra's website, and this should fit your need :slight_smile: "Speaker Volume Restore" in the Apps --> Messaging list :+1:

Thanks Roy

Setting the volume is the easy part and have been doing that in RM for quite a while now. The hard part is getting current volume, make an announcement at a specific volume, then setting the volume back to what was captured prior to the announcement. When playing music, it's an up/down roller coaster of volumes which involves telling alexa what volume is desired for the music.

I'll keep searching your great suggestions

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This is what the app will do.

What does Speaker Volume Restore do?

Speaker Volume Restore will take an input from an app, record the current volume of your speaker(s) then play your TTS. After the TTS has finished, it will restore the speaker volume to the previous settings.

You need to add the driver and two apps (parent & child) to your hub.

When you create a child app, it will automatically create a new device called 'RestoreSpeaker_appName' ('appName' is whatever you name the child app)

Now.. use this 'restore speaker' in any app that you want to have the volume restored after TTS (Instead of your normal speaker, which you configure in the child app)

This will now 'intercept' the TTS, record the existing volume, set the volume, play the TTS, then restore the volume to the previous levels.


@Royski - I signed up on the web site as i heard great things about @Cobra’s apps but haven’t seen any credentials come through. I assumed this is an automated registration process but may be mistaken. Is there any additional steps I should be doing to gain access? Thanks.

Hi Avi, sorry you didn't receive a response, but you should now have one :+ let me know if you haven't.

@Royski - Yup - got the login - thanks. Haven’t had time to poke around but I did come across the message wrt rate and volume limitation of outbound emails on your platform. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago and addressed it very simply and best of all, free. If interested, PM me and I will brief you on it.

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