Options for a 'backup' hub to avoid total outages

Looking for suggestions/ideas from the community. My hub has been down since yesterday afternoon due to self induced actions that caused a reboot to hang at 30% complete and a blue light. Been that way for about 30 hours now. I opened a support case yesterday, knowing it is the weekend and not expecting a response until tomorrow. BobbyD did respond to the support email and requested a number of details about my system and environment (thanks @bobbyD!), which I provided. I expect I'll get some additional contact from support tomorrow to hopefully get things going again, but this isn't necessarily about my specific problem.

Like most of you, I have a number of automations that my wife and I have become quite used to, and those have not been functioning since my hub hung. What options exist to have a backup hub so that should a similar issue occur in the future I'm not dead in the water until the hub comes back online? I knew I was in trouble this afternoon when my wife asked me how much longer is this 'stuff' going to be down, and what did you (me) do to break it........

Looking forward to hearing from the community.

Having a backup hub is not exactly feasible as Z-Wave and Zigbee devices bind to a unique controller and the only way to change that is to reset and re-pair the device. You might be able to find a C-4 hub that has the plug-in USB controller. That way, the devices you have are paired to that instead of the hub itself.

There also might be a way to restore a database backup to a hub for automations and such, but devices would have to be reset and re-paired to the backup hub regardless. If you only have a few devices (say, 20 or less), it's not that painful, but those of us that have hundreds of devices, it's an absolute nightmare.

It's probably best to get yourself a second hub to use for development while you work on rules and such. Once you have your code/rule worked out, recreate it on your production hub thereby reducing the chance of messing up your automations.

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