Optional Sound in Push Notifications

I use Rule Machine to send notifications to my family's mobile devices using the Hubitat iOS app. That works great, but I either have to have all notifications have a sound or I disable sounds for all Hubitat notifications from within the iOS device. What I would like to be able to do is be able to control whether a sound is made by the notification, each time I send the notification.

Or, to have the ability to turn the sound on/off per device within Hubitat, and then I could have two Hubitat devices that correspond to each of my iOS devices - one Hubitat device that plays sound and one Hubitat device that doesn't - which I can select for the notification based on which behavior I want.

I think this sound on/off behavior may be possible with Pushover, which I experimented with just before the Hubitat app came out. However, I was hoping this capability could be built into the Hubitat app itself.