Option in Settings to default Dashboards to local LAN links instead of Cloud links

Would it be possible to implement an option within the settings page of the Hubitat mobile app for iOS (or both) that defaults Dashboard links (on the Dashboard screen) to local LAN links, instead of always defaulting to Cloud dashboard links? I do not make my dashboards available to the internet and only use local LAN dashboard links (through a VPN). Having to tap the cloud icon to switch to local links every time I open the app is inconvenient. Thanks.

The App currently does this, if I am on my local Wifi network the HE mobile app shows local dashboard links, whereas if I turn off Wifi, I see the cloud links. I suspect the change you are after is that the app can detect that your VPN provides you with local access. Is this right?

Whilst not through the app, you could try saving local links to dashboards as shortcuts on your phone, admittedly an additional overhead for each device. Not sure what's possible on iPhone.

My Hubitat app does not do this (on iOS 15.5) . When I open it (even if i force close and re-open it), I am presented with the dashboard screen with the small cloud icon on the top right. When I try to go to any of my dashboards, I receive an error stating that "Cloud Access is Not allowed for this Dashboard". Perhaps it's a bug in the application? I am currently connected to my home network (not through VPN) and my ip address is 192.168.x.x. I don't mind clicking the cloud icon to switch to local LAN links when I am away from home over VPN, but this happens all the time.

I did notice, just before replying to your message, that when I unlocked my phone and clicked on the Hubitat app, it did say "switching to local in 3 seconds" or something like that, but that was the only time that I have ever seen that message, and when I force close the app and re-open it, I only get the cloud-based dashboard page.

Thanks for your help.

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