Option for mom's house (no hub) string lights

Hi All, curious if anyone has any ideas.

I'm installing string lights in my mom's back yard, and need a remote controlled outlet to turn them on and off. She doesn't have a hub, and would rather not go down that road...

I see Leviton makes an indoor outlet that can have a companion stick on switch, but no outdoor outlet option.

Lutron makes an outdoor outlet/plug, and you can pair a pico directly with it... but we're talking $100 at that point. =/

Does anyone have any other options? I'd like to get something nicer than one of those cheap RF outlets that have a "keychain" remote.


How about this?


She can control it with her phone. And also Alexa (if she has that).

Even better, when she gets bitten by the HA bug, it will continue to work with Hubitat.


Here's a cheap option that works well, assuming she has wifi and a smartphone.


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I give another vote for the Kasa, they also have an outdoor double plug model if you want to control two devices independently. Its backed by a major brand, good app, and integrates into Alexa, Google and Hubitat. Before I got a Zooz ZEN14 I used to use the Kasa double model for my old Malibu lights on my deck and second outlet was for pool pump / holiday lights.

If you really need a remote button to turn them on/off a little search I came up with Govee which is another good brand in the Wifi segment. Button: Govee Wireless Button Sensor and outdoor plug: Govee Outdoor Smart Plug

Not finding a lot else for wifi buttons. I think Hue has some stuff also but that's going to be a bit more expensive.


Thanks for suggestions. I didn’t want to have to have her use her phone, and she doesn’t have Alexa, google home. She thinks they’re creepy. Eh.

Anywho, found this: mySelectSmart Wireless Remote Outdoor Lighting Control, Plug-in Receiver, Countdown, 150ft. Signal Range, Weather Resistant, 1 Grounded Outlet, Ideal for Landscape, Lighting, Fountains, 39806 https://a.co/d/9OTzUOf

Suuuper inexpensive so worst case I’m out $16. Comes with a remote that can mount like a switch. Looks like I’ll need to make labels for buttons, but that’s fine.

Claims it’s made by Jasco, which, not sure I believe. But, will let everyone know. Seems like a perfect option for her needs. If she ever wants to schedule them I’ll look back at wifi or Lutron options. I expect Leviton will also release and outdoor plug at some point.

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Probably better than my Clapper ™ suggestion.

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That's a legit Jasco model number on there but I found a price sheet and MSRP is $31.99 and the MAP (minimum price) is supposed to be $26.00. You might be getting an unbranded knock off china direct (often made in the same factory and they steal the designs essentially).

It is odd how the remote has no indication on which button does what.

Looks like a good solution though, especially with the timer features built in.


I will add. I like the Kasa stuff. They just need to make a companion switch. :slight_smile: