Opinions on frontpoint?

So sort of a continuation of my previous thread on alarm integration Alarm integration (Canada)
i'm curious if anyone has experience with frontpoint https://www.frontpointsecurity.com and if they have been able to connect it to hubitat? the only thing i found searching on here is the mention of frontpoint in a screenshot by @vjv

any thoughts would be appreciated.

Doesn't appear to be an open system.

Alarm.com worked with Frontpoint for me using ST. I'm a new HE user and haven't figured out how to implement it here.

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I have had frontpoint security for around 10 years and they are amazing.

I would love to intergrate it with hubitat and I am also ok if it never intergrates. I am ok with keeping the security aspect of my house that is monitored seperate from the home automation aspect. I only have door locks, motion sensor and fire sensors and Co2 on frontpoint. All the lights, etc... that makes up the core of my home automation I have running on hubitat

for example I have door locks / motion detection and fire system on front point. I am ok with it being a pretty much closed system so I can not accidently mess up the security being monitored by the monitoring system if I jack up a an automation rule.

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