[OPINION] Button Controllers

Yeah, but if they go through the work to add triple, quad and penta isn't much additional work.

Odds are they aren't going add anything at all, I'm just pointing out going to 5x would cover all the devices I know about.


Back in my ST days i had a Xiaomi button controlling a bedside bulb.
1 click set to toggle/dim to 25%, Double dim to 50%, Triple to 75% and quad to 100%
Girlfriend loved it and actually miss that setup.. :slight_smile:

@AnubizDK, that is the only ration use of multi-click capabilities I have heard yet. Everything else is really morse code for most people. I may have to borrow this use case though. Thanks! :smiley:


I've joked about this before but was half serious. :slight_smile:

Like you, I'm not holding my breath, but it seems a lot of new scene switches/dimmers/remotes support up to 5 taps, and this would be a clean-ish way to accommodate them without needing to do button-number arithmetic (my preferred workaround given the circumstances), awkwardly usurp button attributes for odd purposes (Inovelli, I love you, but...), use custom attributes/events (not really usable outside RM or a custom app), or forget about them entirely.

And I understand where they're coming from, but I am indeed capable of remembering 5 taps if I use sufficient mnemonic devices (taps up are vaguely "on" for me and correspond to either that or cooler temperatures; down taps remind me of "off" and are for that or warm temperatures, and the fifth tap that is maybe otherwise hard to remember is often a mode change--down for night, for example, again reminiscent of "off "), which also makes it easier to remember. I'm totally fine writing custom drivers for what I need, but this is a question I've seen from new users, too.

But perhaps a more generic approach would be better: "scene number" and "key attribute" might be a bit too Z-Wave-centric for a platform event, but "quintuple tappable butron" also means lots of capabilities just for this...all probably part of why they've never done this. But I can dream. :slight_smile:

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@erktrek & Charleton Heston

Just popped in before signing off for the night. Saw this and went “hmm”
Have been looking for something other than the standard fare of bulbs/outlets/switches/etc. to satisfy my HE addiction, but the price is at our self-imposed maximum where it is best to check with the other person on the bank account before clicking Buy Now.
I presented it to the wife like this “honey, would this make your life easier?” which elicited a positive reply. :sunglasses::roll_eyes:

Better get to bed before I spend more $$

Update: Nexia touchpad has arrived! Haven’t given any thought what the buttons will do. So many possibilites!


This looks like it has potential. It's always been a mystery to me the dearth of high quality and good looking multi-button controllers for Z-Wave and Zigbee. Lutron has it more or less nailed in the RadioRA 2 line, but theirs are significantly higher priced.

My first thought when I saw this was something like Oh! Shiny! And of course, I wanted one. And then I realized that I could by about 5 pico remotes for the same price... Though choice to make... cause, you know... Shiny!!!

I’ll let the thought brew for a bit, I’m sure I’ll figure out a useful use case eventually... I’m at a point though where everything is automated and generally just works, so it’s hard to justify buying more buttons...

I seem to have an ever expanding set of devices that I am meaning to get to one of these days.. thanks in no small part to Bryan and the rest of the crew at HE.

@wayne.pirtle... LOL, can't thank you enough about giving me hope!

BTW... its not a matter if I feel lucky but when I decided I've written so much code that still doesn't work that I want to shoot myself. :slight_smile:

:rofl: @k5map I know what you mean.

I think I would buy more Android phones for $20-30 each without data plans and put HE dashboard(s) on them instead. I have already done that in a couple of places. In my use case, wall mounted is preferred and with Tasker & a smart plug, I can keep them charged within a safe percentage.


I prefer this :smiley:

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The Android dashboard is extremely customizable and powerful if you're using Android devices...the author is incredibly responsive and active. One of the coolest community-developed tools around.

I played with that a few months ago and it's more than I need. I'm in the minority but the native HE dashboards do everything I need or want. Using some icons and a cool background and I can make them look good enough for my tastes. I like these two and the only CSS I used turned off text shadowing and hid tile titles.

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Any chance of these getting a change to the driver that pops an event which has the button's name in it? This attribute will be populated with the text description of whichever button was most recently pushed on the Nexia 1000.

For example:
If I press button 1, right now I get a "pushed" value of 1 (as expected), but if I ALSO got the button's "name" (in this case "Office Green") I could have rules react to that instead of the button #. That way if I change the labels on the Nexia any rules made follow the names not the buttons. So if a label changes position, it does not matter. If it is removed, it just will not trigger (and not accidentally trigger something else).

Are there workarounds to this? Sure. But it would be a lot easier if it was included.

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Well, Bryan, you've finally convinced my wife to use a button controller. The Nexia has been easy for her to use, and she can happily arm the whole house, turn on/off lights, run her nighttime routines, and set her wax warmer light to fade down as she falls asleep. Something Sengled, RGBgenie, Lightify, Hubitat's app/dashboard, a certain other dashboard app, and Samsung were unable to do with their controllers :joy:

My only thought on the button controller's driver is that there seems to be a max char length you can submit to the actual unit ... so I had a hard time setting the initial labels. Any chance these could be truncated on submission to the unit, so that they still get accepted, but a user would know they have to shorten their strings?


Sure can.. Thanks for pointing that out

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@bcopeland... I just joined my Nexia to my C-7. When I go into the device settings and set the text for line 1, it never updates the Nexia after I press "set line". Is there something I need to do on the Nexia for it to reflect the new text?

The device is sleepy.. So you have to wake it up for it to get the updates.. Should just have to hit the page buttons..

@bcopeland... that did it, thanks!

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