Opinion about a rule with time and light trigger

I would like to get your opinion about a rule I made.
I want to set a specific rule that if the time is between 18:55 to 19:30 and one of the light is on (LR, door, kitchen), than I want the door light and LR light to turn off and the kitchen light to turn on.

Does this rule make sense?

Looks good to me. The important thing is that it works for your needs. :slight_smile:

There are multiple ways to setup rules, and the performance difference will typically not have much of an impact on your hub.

As a point of reference, if I had to create the same rule, I would use “Use Required Expression”:

Required Expression
Time between 6:55 and 7:30pm

I would have set the same trigger as what you have

I would have set the same “if” condition, except for the “Time between” which is covered by the “Use Required Expression” part. I would have added an “END-IF” to it.

But should you change yours? I would say nop, as long as it works as you need it to! :slight_smile:

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