Operating temperature


What is the maximum operating temperature of the hub? I have my hub in the loft which is getting warmer, I have had a couple of moments where the hub is sluggish. Would the temp cause issues?

Can you get the board temperature somewhere?



Don't know, but they don't like to be hot.

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Sorta like asking any that question. My reply would be, as the day gets hotter, I get slower! More hot, more breaks, less work gets done. Pretty much the same goes for most electronics, especially anything with a processor.


Thanks for the replies, I moved the hub so hopefully it will deal with the problem.

Just to expand on that a bit, Hubitat is passively cooled, there is no fan. All processors throttle at some point, I don't know which processor Hubitat has off the top of my head, but most chips like this are not happy somewhere north of 75C. If you put this in a 50C attic or behind a TV or something, that doesn't leave much overhead.

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