Openweathermap forecast


On the openweathermap website they say that forecasts are included into free plan. See below:

But there are no forecasts when I added openweathermap device into Hubitat. I can see only:

What's wrong?

The device only brings back the attributes but you can use the API Key to bring back more data in either JSON or XML formats. As an example,us&mode=xml&appid=439d4b804bc8187953eb36d2a8c26a02

will bring back:

Yeah I know. But is there a way to use this data somehow in Hubitat?

Haven't played around with RM enough to understand its limitations yet, but do know that webCore could be used to do an HTTP request and parse the result for actions to be taken.

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Thank you. I will take a look.

Anyone else knows simplier solution?

But Hubigraph can only log the values and show them nicely.

I want a forecast for the future not the log of the history weather.

What driver are you using? I have a three day forecast showing here.

  • Today Thursday Friday

    Now: 14°C Light rain Overcast clouds
    Low: 14°C 11°C 10°C
    High: 15°C 18°C 15°C
    Precip: 3 mm 1 mm None

Driver here


I use the same driver but I don't get those nice graphics what am I missing?

Select this and then save Prefs, then select the 3 day :+1:

I am using built-in Hubitat Openweathermap driver.
I created virtual device openweathermap type and added API key.

I will check your driver

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Works nicely on the dash, by using the threedayfcstTile attribute :wink:

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Ya I have that but it's still not that pretty must be my dashboard settings. :smile:

Do you have for "Alternative Icon Location: *"

I do it looks like what you just put there. :smiley:

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I integrated Open Weather with HubiGraph “Forecast Tile”

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Thanks a lot!
I have checked your driver and IT IS AWESOME! :smiley:

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I'd love to take the credit for it, but far better people than me developed this.
Thank @Matthew for the great work :slight_smile: