Openhab to HE migration

Picked up a new HE while on sale last week to migrate off of Openhab. As of right now i have around 30+ z-wave devices that i will need to move over, plus varies timers, scenes and rules my family uses on a daily basis.

Im going to guess it will take me a while to rebuild everything on HE. Is there a way to start adding z-wave devices to HE and setting of rules without removing them from OpenHab?

I would really like to keep my old rules in place while migrating as a lot of them are geared towards my kids schedule and they have been programed to watch for these things.

Unfortunately no. Z-Wave devices can only be paired to a single primary controller. While building your z-wave mesh, I'd recommend that you especially read the Hubitat Documentation on how to build a robust Z-Wave mesh, linked to below. It will save you a lot of grief down the road.

How to build a solid Z-Wave mesh.

In a nutshell, put the hub in a central location as possible. Then pair all the repeaters, starting from the hub center and outward, lastly pair all the non-repeating devices. Rule machine makes it quick to build rules, once you get the hang of it.

Here's a simple rule example with conditions

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You could make virtual place holders for your Zwave devices to just get everything how you think it should be and then move a device and replace the virtual device with the real thing. Dunno if that helps at all or not.


This is an interesting idea, will need to test it out later today

There is a utility to swap out devices so if you have the device in multiple rules you don't need to do each rule independently you can just use the swap option.

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