"Open too long" type notification works on doors but not garage doors

I am befuddled. I have a simple notification rule that notifies me if a door stays open for too long. It works for door contact sensors but not my garage doors which also seem to report as a contact sensor (it uses the Generic Z-Wave Garage Door opener driver) and are using a GOCONTROL GD00Z-7. Looking at the open or close events for those doors, they seem to be posting to the evtHandler to the notification sub-application (Open too long and Open way too long).

Any idea?

What do you see in the logs for the notification app?

I don’t have any logs for that app right now but I’ll obtain some.

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Of course, when I test it by opening the garage and waiting, it works.

I'll see if it starts working from now on. I know it hadn't done it (as recently as yesterday) when I wanted it to.