Open doors monitor

I’m pretty new to the Hubitat ecosystem and just wanted to share my first kind of, but not really, complex setup in case anyone else is new and needed some inspiration or wanted to share any feedback.

We leave our doors open a lot for air flow and hanging out outside so I wanted a quick visual indicator that everything was all locked up.

So, I put some Thirdreality contact sensors on the front door, back door and the garage doors. I got the IKEA Tradfri RGB bulb for the color changing aspect.

I now have a RM rule that says whenever any of them change state to do some conditional actions based on which one is open. If they are all closed go back to a regular white light. So now we have a little visual indicator in the middle of our house whether any doors have been left open. Again, not super crazy but hopefully some inspiration for new users wondering what to do with their hub :wink:


Nice - and the light looks cool too. :slight_smile:

I do the similar w/a light in the living room - when I initiate my good night sequence it checks doors and windows that are supposed to be closed or locked/closed when we are going to bed, and turns the light red if any are open, and I get an announcement on my GH telling me what I forgot to close.

This kind of stuff is some of the only stuff that consistently gets me high WAF. :slight_smile:

Nifty. I have a similar rule for more fence gates. Have three dogs so one light turns red if any of the gates are left open.

I have another light that handles laundry notifications (washer or dryer finishes; color based on which one it is).


Nice convenient setup.

It looks like if multiple doors are open, the light will quickly cycle through the colors for each door. I’m not sure if that is your intention or not, but if it is, you could use if/then conditionals instead of simple conditions to add a slight pause after each color change so you can clearly see which groups of doors are open. You could even put that in a repeat if you want a challenge.

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I use @bertabcd1234 device status announcer. For instance If it starts raining it announces to our phones and tts that a particular window is open.

Use another rule if any of the exterior doors are left open it starts squawking if they're open more than a few minutes. The yelling stops when you close the door or a particular switch is activated.

Good catch!

To the OP, I just posted in another thread about what birbeck means.

Thanks, yeah I know it is not perfectly clear which doors are open when multiple are but I have them ordered in a way that the ones I care about most will be triggered last.

The rotating would be crazy annoying if we have doors open on a nice day but I’ll keep it in mind if I ever want to host a disco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Device status announcer. With a little modification you could change colors based on which contact sensor is open.

No problem at all, use what fits your situation. If there is any lag time, you may not see the colors cycle and only see the final result. Just to be on the cautious side, I would still use if/then/elseif with the highest priority first so I only trigger the color state change once for the door group with priority.

If you host a disco everyone can take turns opening and closing doors to change up the lights :smile:

Thanks! Looking into this one a bit

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