Open closed circuit sensor

Where can one purchase a simple open/closed circuit sensor to integrate other things that aren't normally compatible?

Depends on what you're looking to integrate. You could use a gocontrol zwave contact sensor. They have an integrated place on the board for external contacts, like a momentary button or just about anything that will close a circuit. Just a thought.


I have a bunch of these, I ordered them from EBay. I am using them for temp sensors in the kitchen fridge, garage freezer and two beer refrigerators. I thought that I would be able to use as contact sensors but they do not have a reed switch to attach external wires to. I think use a very small silicon device to sense magnets. Has anyone had luck using these as a contact switch?


Any type of device that supports an external "dry contact" sensor will detect open/close. I use a bunch of the cheap Monoprice window/door contact sensors because they have a header to attach an external dry contact sensor. There are quite a few others and some of them even come bundled with dry contact sensors for water level, freezing, etc.

But that's basically what dry contact is. There's no voltage on the line and it's just detecting continuity or a loop i.e. if the loop is closed or open.


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