Open all rules and hit done

The latest Hubitat version gave me the familiar experience message " You must open any rule that you setup or hit Done on with for mode *changed* , and hit Done once on"

This is a quite common requirement, where we need to open rules to just have to click "done". Can this somehow be automated/handled without the need for user intervention?

I expect the first/standard response to be "it is just a few minutes job for you to go and click 'done'"...but not relying on users for such a user journey, just makes for a finer/polished product.


Not so, this is actually a rare thing to come up, and it only applies in limited and specific cases. It only arises in unusual circumstances where a bad Event Subscription already exists. There is no other way for the rule to 'come to life' to clean itself up. This will always be called out in the release notes when needed. The case you are referring applied only to a " rule that you setup or hit Done on with for mode *changed*", and that could have happened only during a period of about 24 hours,

Opening rules and hitting Done can have all sorts of unwanted side affects, including killing any in progress Waits, Repeats, Delays, etc. Your suggestion won't be implemented, and should not be done as some form of cure-all -- it's not a cure-all. Instead, read the release notes.