Only thing stopping me?

So I really want a Hubitat Hub. However, smartthings users have created a custom handler for Viper Smart Start. I'm not finding anything like this for the Hubitat. Is there anyway to migrate this handler to Hubitat? This is literally the only thing that stops me from migrating from ST to Hubitat.

Perhaps if the code is written in groovy. But there's an Alexa Skill for Viper Smart Start. The new Alexa custom commands let you create Alexa routines that will do what you would normally say. You can trigger Alexa routines from Hubitat, so you should therefor be able to accomplish the same thing via Alexa and Hubitat.

I believe the code is in groovy. I had to get it from github and there's a device handler and smart app code. I'm not terribly familiar with code.

The Viper Smart Start Alexa skill is extremely limited.. doesn't start the car... as viper won't authorize that due to liability concerns.

Maybe not officially, but apparently this guy's skill can.

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Most ST Groovy code can be ported to Hubitat. It would help if you provided a link to the ST code you’re using, so folks here could take a look at it.


I don't use Alexa so.... lol..i really like this with webcore its flawless.

I've tried posting the link and get an error that links can't be posted.

This code is pre-dsm550 and Directed moved their back end and this won't work on the 4g dsm550.


That's cool. Well maybe it can be ported without too much effort. I find if you're the only one requesting something, then the motivation for a capable developer to help out can be low if it's a lot of work. But maybe you'll get lucky. There are some very nice people here.

I get that you may not use Alexa, but if the code can't easily be ported, then a $30 echo with the mic disabled, shoved in a closet can get you what you're after. :wink:

You don’t need a physical Amazon Echo device to use Alexa Routines. Just a phone or tablet to configure things. Afterwards, it all runs in the cloud.

Except that alexa code is meant to work on Viper/Directeds old back end. They use a different one now. There's actually two smart apps between the old 3g devices (2016 when that was made) and the more current 4g devices. That code wouldn't work. The one created for ST is the only one I'm aware that works with this model.

Maybe I'll try it out seeing as it's groovy code. I've said if i could get my smart start, webcore (check) and gcal search (not sure but assume there's at least something similar)..., then i would take the plunge..

A lot of your smart devices appear to be cloud devices. So why the sudden need to switch from ST to something that focuses on local integrations?

Just curious.

That's good to know. I thought that too, but someone said it wouldn't work if the app was closed. I have had an Echo since the beginning of Echo so I've never tested that myself.

I’d recommend it, Smartthings groovy backend is tentatively scheduled to go off-line this year maybe next year and the all groovy apps will prob go with it. It’s the next phase after the ADT/Hub V1 EOL which has a firm date.

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Eh? The smart start is a cloud device yes. If you're looking at the github link that's not me. I use gcal for a variable to tell webcore if I'm working or not. Other than my harmony hub and ecobee, the rest of my 80 devices i have in my home are either zigbee or zwave.

I absolutely love webcore and would be lost without it. It controls some pretty elaborate automations that are quite unique I've been concerned by all of ST changes since the email about the app change.

This i was not aware of. Does that mean webcore is gone from ST? I dont have a ton in my groovy but they are extremely important parts of my system.

I would say the 10% of stuff in my groovy backend is important to 90% of my ecosystem.

Webcore front end is based on groovy, unless it gets ported to the new backend before groovy goes away those automations will stop working.

Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 looks to wrap up later this year... then there is Phase 3...

Purchases Hubitat...nope not starting over completely.

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