Only some devices showing in app

I have three devices listed in the hub currently.
Front Door Lock (works great).
My phone (Samsung Galaxy S20, that I'm working on presence rules for)
Onkyo Stereo, which I have not been able to get working yet.

I've got two rooms setup, Entry Way, where the lock is and Family room where the Onkyo is.

Browsing the app on my phone , I can see only one device, The Onkyo.
However it shows both rooms.

Where are you looking in the app? I might assume the "Devices" page/tab. This is new and supports only specific types of devices at the moment, and locks aren't one.

If you want to see those--or you want more customization regardless--I'd create a Hubitat Dashboard, which the app áloe makes easy to get to (though a variety of third-party solutions wouldn't also work). Unlike Rooms/Devices, this does require a bit of setup on your part, however.

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Thanks for the reply. I am looking in devices, but that's because the dashboard I created in the webui isn't showing in the mobile app either. I had planned on bringing that up in a different thread after I played with it a little bit more, but I guess this is as good a time as any.
Yeah I have a dashboard with the lock and stuff on it, but it's not showing on the mobile app at all.

Does anything show up under "Dashbord" in the mobile app? You should see a list of your Dashboards. If you're using Hubitat Dashboard, I'd make sure you don't have "Enable custom Dashboard" selected on the "Settings" tab.

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No, nothing shows under dashboards on the mobile app. I did have the setting "Enable custom Dashboards" selected in settings, so I disabled it just now.
Still nothing shows under dashboards.

I'm not sure if you need to close and re-open the app for that setting change to take effect (I'd assume not, but...), though it can't hurt to try if you haven't. It's really meant for either third-party web-based dashboard-type solutions so you can point it to that URL instead, but I suppose you could also use it to point to a specific Hubitat Dashboard URL if you really wanted to (in which case you'd probably want the cloud link unless you only use it from home).

It's also generally harmless to either erase all the app settings or uninstall and reinstall it, then set it up like "new" again. Choose your existing Mobile App Device when prompted (this is the device it creates on Hubitat for presence and notifications using the Hubitat mobile app), and pretty much nothing on the Hubitat side should be affected. Might be worth a try.

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Good thinking, I just forced it closed then reopened it. Still nothing on the dashboard section.