Only one of my two Lifx A19 bulbs will import. (No driver installed for null)

Hey all, I've been trying to set up my Lifx A19 bulbs using the instructions found in these links:

One of my 2 bulbs works flawlessly in hubitat, the other just shows up with the message "no driver installed for null"(as seen in screenshot). I installed the master app and all the drivers.

I see that my bulbs are different revisions, I figure that is likely the issue. How can I make hubitat import the newer Lifx bulb? When I try to add the newer bulb it just says "(No driver installed for null)" as shown in screenshot. Thank you in advance for any advice.

{{features={chain=false, color=true, multizone=false, infrared=false, temperature_range={min=2500, max=9000}}, ip=, name=LIFX A19, location=Home, label=Bulby, deviceName=LIFX Color, mac=D073D52F68D0, group=Room},{ip=, name=Unknown LIFX device with product id 62, location=Home, label=LIFX A19, error=No driver installed for null, mac=D073D55A757B, group=Living Room}}

Answered in the linked thread LIFX Local Control

FYI...The built in Lifx integration is now available in the latest version. Check out the release notes here:

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