Only my wife get notification and not me (Solved)

Hello guys,

I have a contact sensor in my mailbox for my wife and myself to know when mail has arrived. She's been getting notifications and it stopped on my phone. I did notice that since I updated the android app on my phone there's the new "Tools" section-Notification. I will see it there, but if I don't go there to look, I wouldn't know I have mail where before my phone will buzz and it will show up in my phone notification that I have mail. I want that feature, is there a way or do I have to downgrade the android app?

Sounds more like you have notifications disabled for the app. Long press on the app icon, then select app info, select notifications and check that they are enabled.

That was a great suggestion, but it's enable. when I compared her app to mine she's on 1.4.5 and i'm on 1.5.0. I didn't want her to go into the google store to update hers and then run into the same issue if it IS coming from the OS build

I run the latest updates once it's ready, today I was notified about another update, I just did that and now my notification

Working again