Only 28 days left!

Classic app support in SmartThings goes away in 28 days. Make sure you have your Hubitat migration completed before then.


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Mind if I go post this over on the ST thread?


go for it!

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I guess the SmartThings community didn't like it and hid the post.


lol that didn't last long.



Lol! So naughty :smiley:


and then just removed :rofl:

If you have moved over to Hubitat from Samsung SmartThings make sure you take the steps to remove your hub data from their web platform and reset the old hub to factory:


I reposted it, fark them

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Thank you all for your continued support. Please be aware that it has been brought to our attention, that folks who are making posts that appear to be offensive, they will be immediately banned from the SmartThings community.


All fun and games untill someone losses a membership :laughing:

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I’m a killjoy, I know, but I don’t think Hubitat users should be trolling the ST forum.

Let them come to their senses on their own re: making the transition to hubitat, it’ll happen sooner or later :slightly_smiling_face:.


I'm a st user too. If Hubitat does something we don't agree with we let em know for sure.

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Totally, and I do hope many people are telling ST how dissatisfied they are with the decision to retire the classic app and groovy IDE.

I don’t consider myself a ST user anymore and decided a while back to stop participating on their forum, so I don’t know one way or the other what the recent discussions over there have been like (though I can take a guess).

But poking fun and encouraging potentially dissatisfied users to switch to a competitor’s product is trolling. I believe both communities are better off if we don’t do that.


I don't agree. People recommend all types of things, Unifi on Netgear forums, 3rd party firmware for Netgear's mess. People praise Deconz and HA here, on many occasions.
If we don't express our dissatisfaction, then ST will happily collect their millions, unaware of how they've upset their customers.
They're just being overly sensitive because they know they messed up, and can't deal with the reality.
Remember " we choose truth over facts" :crazy_face:


I am not familiar with ST at all. What's classic app support and why is it bad that it's going away?

Well to be honest hubitat most likely wouldn't be here without. st..They started the open groovey devices for zwave and zigbee with their hub.. All the founders here came from there. I recently jumped ship as well due to the debacle.. They are basically getting rid of the classic app which had all the power. worked well and was mature.. They are streamlining with the new app which is slow buggy and limited..(for me with 150 devices it most times woiuldn't even load the pages or did 5 minutes later). They are cataring to the people with 5 devices and a tv etc that don't use custom device handlers and don't care about the power and flexibility of the system etc.

This will make their support much easier but they aer basically punting upower users that have 100-200 devices custom code etc,

In addition, besides the classic app going away the groovey code base will also go away and all device handlers and apps written in it will cease to run. I believe if you host them on your own server or the writer of the apps or devices types does they may continue to work, but this is not confirmed.. They are very closed lip about. it,

Again, much easier to support a system with no custom code etc. and only casual users with few devcies. Unfortunately that is the nature of the beast and the majority of their users,