Ongoing issues with Mercator Ikuu Zigbee lights

I've fitted out my whole 3br house with Ikuu zigbee light fittings and switches. The light fittings are frustratingly unreliable in a very frustrating way.

I have the wall switches linked to the lights with a basic toggle automation like this:

I press the button and the state of the light toggles according to the logs:


But in reality, the light itself flickers on for 1/10th of a second and turns off again. Sometimes.

20240224_114050 (1)

If I go to the light device page and turn on the light, there it actually turns on 100% of the time.

Adding to the frustration if I turn the light on with its device page then the light will be reliably automated for the next hour/day/week/month, so at that point I can't do any further troubleshooting as there isn't a live fault to troubleshoot.

Now, whilst I can partly blame Mercator here for the lack of reliability, I don't understand what's different about running an automation to turn on the light and clicking the button on the device page.

I've shown a Rule Machine automation here, but I've had the same issue with Room Lighting and WebCore.

I've tried built-in drivers and community ones without much effect. I even bought a Ikuu hub in the hope that there would be a firmware update for the lights but there isn't.

I've had the same issues on a C7 and C8 hub.

Does anyone have any ideas that may make automations as reliable as the button on the device page?

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try home assistant

Depressingly, I'm almost ready to order a ZigBee USB stick and give it a go.

I think Hubitat has missed the primary directive that to meet WAF actions have to be :100: consistent, these issue could easily be fix with checks that requested action state has been achieved when trigger and if not re-try until requested action state is achieved or write error after three failed attempts to achieve request in state for triggered action. Until they do i would avoid Hubitat as it will only give you frustrations and have your wife reject all future automation as it is not consistent.

You’ve probably already done this but it’s the only thing I can think of right now. Do you have any other automations that trigger on the office switch turning off? Go to the device page for the switch and check the “in use by” field at the bottom of the page. Check all the automations listed here to ensure there’s nothing there that triggers on the switch turning off and then turns the lights off again.

Or just temporarily remove the action that turns off the switch from your rule and just leave the toggle action in there just to see if that makes a difference.

If you go to the device page for the light and then click on the events button there, you should be able to tell which automation it is that turns the light off again. Check the “produced by” column.

I am totally new to Hubitat and am still getting my feet wet about configuring things, but, if they work from the page but not the switches, then I am wondering if it could have something to do with these various delay times that I think I have been seeing, here and there. Maybe, there is a special one for the switches that needs to be set right.