OneLink Smoke / CO

Anyone know a way to integrate the OneLink devices into HE. They are BT and WIFI. They are seen in HomeKit ( iPad ) as a the correct devices. But I’m not sure how to either directly connect or have HomeKit devices connected to HE.


This might get you on the right does look possible.

I'm not going to say that that method didn't work. It did, but for me it became inconsistent over time and I have no explanation why. I'm no longer using that method due to that. Instead, I now using the Google Assistant integration for August, together with Google Assistant Relay (which is a great tool for unsupported hardware), to control both Lock and Unlock operations. It's pretty fast (comparable to HomeKit actually) and controls the lock within a few seconds. You could also use IFTTT, but the consistency and speed isn't aa high.

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