One Switch to Rule Them All, not working

The Mirror App seems simple enough, select the master switch and then the slave switch. Trouble is, it isn't working. I want a master switch for one outside light to trigger a slave switch, another outside light to turn on/off like the master switch. They are identical on/off GE Zwaves on same hub and both work independently with no problems. So what am I missing?

Are the switches Z-Wave Plus? If not, are you using the Z-Wave Poller app to poll the state of the switches? If I recall correctly, the non-Plus version of those switches do not report real-time status, which could cause problems for your master-slave association.

This thread has some more info: Polling - what's it for?

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Yeah, what version of GE switches do you have? 12XXX do not report hardware changes voluntarily because of that ridiculous patent. If you have 14XXX or newer they report. If you have the 12XXX models you will have to poll always for their status. If you are coming from ST and wondering why you didn't have to poll for status there... it's because they did it quietly for you.

Thanks, I installed the Z-Wave Poller, identified the switches (all 12xxx). Now it works like a charm. badcatgary and codahq you called it right, thanks again.

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