One switch fan..want lights and fan separately...Only Inovelli?

I had a wifi device that would let alexa control my old fan and lights, but I want a zigbee or zwave one so I can use with hubitat.

It had a receiver you put in the old fan, then you paired it with alexa. I only have one switch in the wall and I want to be able to have my kids turn the lights or fan on and off w/o a phone (they're young).

This one is sold out.

and the Hampton Bay one listed in other posts is no longer in production.

Brand new to this, but would love a simple solution.

Perhaps this Zooz combo switch

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I added a Lutron fan switch a while back and am very happy with it. Probably wouldn’t meet your requirements though, unless you have a Lutron Pro 2 hub linked to Hubitat and room for a second switch…

You could use a Bond Hub and it would allow you to control the wifi device through HE, although if it is controlled through Alexa you could still control it through HE.

I have a Fan in our bedroom that is Wifi. I let my wife purchase the fan she wanted and didn't vet it properly. Our bedroom has a separate switch for the light and fan, but with this fan you basically need to keep it powered all the time and just control via it's remote. I didn't realize all this until I had the thing installed and wired. So I decided to live with it rather than take it all down and buy another one.

The bond hub has worked pretty well. I hardwired the fan in the gang box and replaced both switches with Zooz Zen34s. The switches now work just like a normal wired Fan. Although we mostly control it through Alexa anyway.

I have several in my house and like them.

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I like this idea very much, but

So, are your light and fan a single, combined unit? Or are they separate? Are the bulbs "standard" and how many bulbs are in the fixture?

How many wires are run between your switch and fan? If you have 4 (normally black, red, white, and bare copper all in one cable), that's ideal.

And you want separate physical control for both or you want one of them to be voice controlled?

Edit: For some reason I assumed this was a bathroom fan application when I read it the first time. Now I see you're talking about a ceiling fan. How important is automated speed control? Turning on and off is a simpler task with more options...

Check ebay and these forums. I bought 2 off these forums. The inovelli works great and the notifications are a huge plus.
The Hampton Bay also works good and will control the fan and light separately, also check ebay, facebook marketplace, letgo, mercari.
Sonoff makes a wifi and an RF verison that can be flashed to Tasmota. It's called IFan03 and IFan04

Found One !!!!

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Unfortunately, that link was to a 2 year old listing. It would be rare if it were still available.

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I got excited before I realized the date. But you guys get the idea. With HA products, any company can fold at any time and sourcing products becomes a challenge. I only have a facebook account to look in the marketplace.

Is there a thing i can attach in the fan canopy and just ignore the switch completely?

The only devices I have seen that replace the canopy receiver are the KOF zigbee fan controller that is no longer in production, and the Inovelli switch. I own both and for me they have both appeared to work well.

If you have more then one load wire going to the fan canopy location then you may be able to use other options, but if not you may be stuck.

Yes, but the simplest options will give you on-off control only. As others have noted, knowing the number of wires between your switch box and fan would be helpful.

If you only have one load wire, something like the product below could be installed in the fan's jbox. One relay would control the light and the other would turn the fan on or off. The fan speed would still be controlled by the fan's pull chain.

Your wall switch would have to be eliminated or replaced with a scene controller or a smart switch that has an option to disable the internal relay (sometimes called smart bulb mode). HE rules would convert a button-press into control of the desired device. Neither the lights nor the fan would respond if HE was offline. There is also something called direct association which could overcome this last bit, but I've never used it.

I only have the one wire to the switch. with a neutral. The wire only controls the light.

This is what you want:

Universal Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote Works with Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alexa-99434 - The Home Depot

I have four of these in a rental property, and they work great. It uses wifi, not zwave or zigbee but not sure why that would really matter as long as it works with HE.

To automate with HE, use the Bond Hub App. These things act as a Bond hub with a single connected device. If you have more than one, you just install multiple instances of the Bond Hub app, Uses the local IP address of the device, so no cloud dependency.

You'd probably want to take out the wall switch and replace with a blank plate. You could mount the magnetic holder for the remote control on it.

I really wish I would have known about these sooner. In my house I installed two gang switch boxes with separate GE zwave switches for the light and fan (and the associated wiring that they needed). Was a lot of work and expense I could have avoided.

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You are my hero. Thank you so much. I've got 5 arriving tomorrow. I'm very excited to have this work.