One Switch, Eight Lights

I currently have a single GE Enbrighten Zwave switch that controls eight can lights (in a wide open unfinished basement). My question is this. Could I get eight "smart" lights and control them all differently or in small groups based on how many times I tap my zwave switch that currently only turns them on and off?

Example 1 - tap once to turn them all on and then automatically turn off after five minutes.
Example 2 - tap twice to turn on the single light over my workbench
Example 3 - tap three times to turn on the two lights over our workout area

so on and so forth....


If your model of switch supports multi-taps (almost always implemented as Z-Wave Central Scenes on devices like this) and some sort of "smart bulb mode" or "local protection" (so taps don't actually cut power to the load or try to dim it directly--or if you're comfortable bypassing that and wiring line to load), yes.

There are a few different models, so if you aren't sure, I'd share which and maybe someone who knows that model for sure can answer. You can also see what options and events the driver gives you (and maybe what others may be out there; Hubitat's max out at double taps normally).


GE switches (same w/Jasco, UltraPro) don't support "bulb" mode, but they do support (using @JasonJoel's wonderful GE/Jasco/UltraPro switch and dimmer drivers) multi-tap actions that don't also affect the circuit status. So if you are using his drivers you could set up some double and triple-tap actions using the GE switch and tie those tap actions to different smart bulb actions via Room Lighting or Rule Machine, etc.

Unfortunately single tap will always turn the circuit on or off, so you would not be able to use any single-tap smart bulb actions w/the GE/Jasco/UltraPro switches.

Easiest would be to get a Zooz switch (they match the GE switches look very nicely) and set that up in bulb mode so you could use single, double, triple tap actions w/your smart bulbs. Less confusing for family, and won't mess things up if they accidentally did a single tap.


I've got a workbench light and three light circuits in my unfinished based basement. I have 'em all turn on when the door is opened. Three taps disables/enables the rule, which I hardly ever do-I just leave the door cracked open when I'm down there.

I also ever hardly ever use the separate circuits. I say: light 'em all up. They're leds after all. Plus, it's not like I'm down there for hours at a time. They can always be controlled individually if desired.

I just added a contact sensor (through the Envisilink integration) for the basement walk out door as well. It was the first time I've used a sensor from the alarm system.

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I've got a house of of toggle style GE/Jasco switches. I think Zooz just does paddle.

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Ah, I assumed you had paddle...yup, I don't think Zooz does toggle, but I never actually looked. But it appears they do...found this w/a quick search:



I read the manual and the advanced settings, and I'm still unclear on the switch's led.

I realize the led can be used for various programming and troubleshooting tasks, but can it be controlled by rule, or does it show switch status?

I can do that with the GE/Jasco switches. Thanks to @JasonJoel , when I toggle the switch up three times, it disables the motion rule, and the toggle lights up. Down 3 times, enables and light turns off. I do this for all my motion's like a convention.

edit: Also, when the gate is open, a switch's toggle, near where the gate's remote is hanging, lights up.

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If you have a scene controller switch, you don't necessarily have to have smart bulb mode, as far as I know. Just tie the line and load together, pigtail those to the line side of the switch and control your smart bulbs that way. Unless I'm missing something, I don't know why that wouldn't work.


So this scene controller switch would do the trick?

The Zen32 is a nice device. If you want to have 5 physical buttons (for different scenes etc), it's definitely the way to go.

They have a 800LR version now too. TheSmartestHouse is Zooz's own online storefront, and it generally has better prices than Amazon.

Just one caveat (if I understand this correctly) - if you go the way of the scene controller w/the line/load tied together, you won't have direct control over the lighting (unless there is a second switch on the circuit at another location). May not be an issue generally, but if your hub is down or Z-Wave is acting up, the lighting won't be accessible.

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Ah yep, that is an excellent point. Doesn't sound like a big deal until the situation somehow (inevitably) comes about, and then you're hating life. Plus, hardwiring fixtures means you have to kill the whole breaker if any fixture needs futzing, and that can be a headache (depending on the circuit).

Assume you are looking at zigbee fixtures (since ZW offerings are slim to none)? If so, the Inovelli Blue offers the advantage of zigbee direct binding (switch + lights together). This solves the problem of hub-down-switch/lights-no-workee. I use direct binding in our bathroom and it works awesome -- there's zero lag, it's just as fast as a dumb direct-connect setup.

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