One Switch button to control a shade/blind

Hello ... Desperate looking to find a solution for my problem

I have a sonoff T1 2 switches device where only switch 1 is wired. Switch 2 is used as a virtual button and I assign actions to it.

Currently switch 2 is able to open a blind ( when is on) and close it (when is off). My issue is I cannot find the way to stop the blind at any position other than full opened and full closed.

Is there any way I can program the switch to be pressed once to open, a second press to stop it at any desired position and a third press to close it?

Thanks in advance

All demands on this,

Why ON and OFF and not open/ closed? If you blind only reports on or off or open and closed it will be harder. However if it supports a transition state (opening or closing) then it's easy to do.

Also what does your button support? Does it only support press or does it also support held?

To add to @BorrisTheCat's notes if your blinds do support stepping like that, just change your single virtual button to a multiple one.