One specific z-wave outlet turns back on

I’ve been having an issue with one specific z-wave outlet on my system. Specifically, it almost always takes two commands to actually get it to turn off. Sending the command once appears to work, but then a few seconds later the device shows as still being on. Turning it off “again” typically works. The logs only show the device being turned off (instead of off, on, off). Is this most likely an issue with the z-wave outlet itself, or could it be a software/mesh issue?

Is the state of the device in HE incorrect?, or does it actually take two commands to actually turn the device off...
Also, what device is this, and what driver are using...

It's a GE z-wave outlet. I don't know the exact model, but it's one of the old ones since I bought it 5+ years ago. I didn't check the status in hubitat since I use homebridge and the iOS Home app to control my devices. I did just test it by having the device event history pulled up on my browser, and then I turned the device off in the Home app. Even though the Home app made it seem like the device turned off, when I went into the device history in the browser it wasn't showing any event. Going back into the Home app showed the device reporting as on "again". I'm guessing it never actually turned off, the app just took a second to realize it and change the status back to on. Turning it off again via the app actually turned it off and the "off" event showed up in the hubitat event history. I'd write it off as an issue with the outlet or a weak mesh connection, except it seems weird it never has issues the second time I try and turn it off. It almost never turns off the first time, but it always does on the second try.

I guess more accuratly when you operate the device directly from HEs driver details does the device operate correctly, if so that eliminates any potential mesh issues.

That might be what's causing the issue. I run Homebridge as well, and I have an old model Insteon outlet that does this when I try to control it via the Home App. Obviously a slightly different scenario, but If I control it via an automation between an Hubitat and Homebridge, it usually works just fine, But if I touch it from the iOS Home app, it often either takes more than on/off cycle to respond, or it bounces on/off a few times. I don't have that issue with any of my Insteon dimmers, but the only other on/off switch I have (except for one that is actually HomeKit compatible) does that from time to time too.

I suspect my older device is not reporting state correctly all the time. I also suspect that the load sensing feature may be a contributing factor, but I use that feature, so won't be disabling it. Factory reset of the outlet and switch has helped a bit. Have you done this with your Z-Wave outlet?

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