One Rule Export Broken

I have one rule that won't export. When I click on Download, I'm not prompted by Firefox (or Edge) to Open/Save the file:

All other rules export fine.


I'm not sure you can have the Ampersand in a filename. At least in Windows you can't. change the title and test.

& is a permitted filename character in Windows:

oops. I'm corrected.

But it may not be permitted by the hub for some reason. I will look into it...

\ / : * ? " < > | ~ # % & + { } - Shouldn't be used. NTFS will allow some but translation to other file systems such as EXT4 and some cloud based systems like dropbox and onedrive will choke on them so it's just best not to use any of them.


The export of a Basic Rule with an & in the name had no issue. See third post in this thread.

Also, replacing the & with 'and' did not resolve the issue. There's something else going on.