One-page app not saving "set for specific modes"

I have a one-page app that spoke in the middle of the night, even though I had set the built-in "set for specific modes" to Day and Evening only. This morning I checked, and nothing was selected for the modes. So I selected Day and Evening and then clicked Done, then went back in and nothing was set for the modes. I removed the app and installed it again, selected the modes Day and Evening, but again when I go back into the app, the modes are not set. Is anybody else with a one-page app experiencing this?

A 'one page app'?
Is this a custom app? Built in app?
Personally I've never heard of it.
I think you need to provide more information if you want the boffins that lurk on here to help you.
How about some screenshots or logs.

I always create my apps without using the built in 'auto' mode
Then I put the mode selector back in where I want it.

You can still create it as a 'one page app'

in preferences...

preferences {
page name: "mainPage", title: "", install: true, uninstall: true

Then for your page...

def mainPage() {
dynamicPage(name: "mainPage") {

page stuff goes here


This way, you can control how things are presented...


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From the Smartthings documentation:

For single page preferences, every SmartApp receives an input to allow the user to assign a name of their choosing for this installation. The name that they choose will then be displayed as the name of the SmartApp. Also by default, the user can select to only execute this SmartApp when the Location is in certain Modes. It also includes the ability for the user to uninstall this SmartApp.

My app is a custom app; I have several custom apps and I prefer not having to code in the mode selection if it can be done automatically. My custom apps were working at one point, not sure when they quit working. @bravenel, are you seeing the issue with a single page app not saving the mode settings?

Don't have many of these, but will check it out.

Yep, this is broken. We will track it down.

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Thank you Bruce!

@bravenel were you able to track this down? I just noticed this on an app I have as well where I wanted to set it to run for specific modes and it won't save. Curious if it will be in the next release. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure this has been fixed and will be in the next release.

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Yup, fixed in next release.

I updated my dev hub to and can confirm this is indeed fixed. I can now save modes in the app. I can also confirm the app will only run while in the modes selected. Thank you gentlemen!