One mesh shared between 2 buildings?

Repeated question, but maybe with a different spin. Please be patient.

I’m looking for confirmation that my plan will work, or tell me where I’m going wrong before I start ordering hardware.

I am trying to set up a system to:

a- operate z-wave stuff in my house and in the barn (lights, outlet, door lock, maybe myQ garage door).

b- allow stuff connected to the house hub to control stuff on the barn hub.

c- be easy to get up and running (I’m not an electronics/computer guy).

I have ethernet strung to the barn, so it is on one network with the house

From what I’ve read, 2 hubitat hubs (house, barn) connected with Hubmesh would appear to be a solution.

1- Can a device on the house hub control a device on the barn hub? Hubmesh documentation implies that devices can be shared between hubs.

2- Is setting up and connecting the two hubs simple like connecting devices to a hub? Again, the documentation implies yes,

3- Anyone know the acceptable temperature range of the C7 hub? I can't find it. I do expect the unheated barn to hit 0F or maybe negative single digits in January. Do I need to set up a heater and temp sensor to keep the electronics happy?

4- Do you see any problems with what I’m proposing?

My experience with this smart stuff is limited. I have a few locks and lights on smartthings now but that was all easy set-up. I have not found a way to connect multiple hubs with smartthings so I'm looking at Hubitat.

  1. HubMesh does nothing but share devices between hubs.
  2. It's pretty much easy to setup. You define the hubs in the mesh and then the devices. The selected devices on 'this hub' magically appear on 'that hub'.
  3. I don't know about the temp range.
  4. nope, fire when ready. :smiley:
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The hub will be fine so long as it stays dry


I do exactly what you are wanting to do. Since my connection to my shop is wireless I try to keep most of my automations on the hub in my shop. If for whatever reason the network connection is lost my shop automatons would not have access to the devices in the shop. It sits about 200' behind my house. If you have a wired connection to your remote location, then it probably doesn't matter.

I have a dashboard on the hub in my house that lets me monitor and control devices in the shop manually. I could, however, move all automations from the shop hub and put them on my hub at the house.

Once you share devices over hub mesh the device appears just as if it is on the hub. You can create automations, rules with any device on the mesh just like it is connected, it's no different.

As to temp, I wondered that myself. My shop is insulated and has a small office and that is where I keep my hub. I have a portable AC unit to keep the temp below 80 in the summer. In a previous automation system that I tried, it ran off a RPi, and I had no AC at that time. It would get up close to 100F in the office in the summer and I started having issues with it. Our winters are pretty mild but I keep a heater set to keep the temp above 50, but it hardly ever comes on, not sure it did at all last winter. The HE hub may be more tolerant of temp.

I have two out buildings both connected via wired ethernet. Hubs in house, shop, and garage. All automations run from the house hub. Shop is heated, garage is not. We rarely get below freezing, and when we do, it still works fine. Try to use powered devices when feasible, as the cold can kill batteries.

Also, if you put the hub in an enclosed area, it will help heat up that area and keep it warmer. Just have to worry about the opposite effect in the summer and getting too hot.

Thanks all.
Looks like I need to place an order.

Terminal3- what do you use for a dashboard? I'm thinking about an old android tablet. Initially I'll set up a aeotec wallmote to operate the lights remotely, but would like something that gives me feedback for the door lock.

Jameslslate- good point on it keeping itself warm in a box. I plan to place the hub in a wall mounted enclosure in the barn along with the ethernet switch. Together they may keep the box warm through the winter. In a few months when things warm up, I'll figure out keeping it cool. I have some ideas.
The only battery device planned for the barn is the door lock. And if that fails, I can use a key or open the garage door.

I think I might have responded to this question on faceybook awhile back. But hub mesh does exactly what you are looking to do. When you share a device from one hub to another, you can control it from that hub just like its local. You can use it in automations and everything.

Regarding temps, my old C7 is in a detached garage. I have heat in there, but I only turn it on if I'm working in it. Last winter I saw temps in the garage at the lowest of high 20s (F). I imagine it'll be fine as long as you keep it clean and dry. Mine sits on a wire shelf, and I have a plastic shoebox type container upside down over it and my switch to keep dust and whatnot off them.

I just use my IPhone, or desktop. I don't need anything fancy. We mostly control everything though an automation, Alexa, or manually. I only occasionally need to control anything via a dashboard.

If using an Android tablet for the dashboard, you might want to look at using this community dashboard app: [RELEASE] HD+ - Android Dashboard