One dashboard- open faster?

I rarely use the app since I’ve tried to automate as much as possible. The one thing I use it for the most often is to open and close the garage.

Point is, I only have ONE DASHBOARD. Is there a way to automatically have that dashboard open when I open the app? Instead i currently open the app, then select the one dashboard, then wait for it to open.

Can I make this faster?

You can put links to cloud dashboards right on your phone home screen (at least on Android) - it is just a web url. Then you can just go straight to that dashboard without opening the app at all.


Another way to do what @JasonJoel is saying is too.... Open the app, and clicking full screen button

Then click your dash to open in in Chrome (or default browser), click the 3 dots and then "Add to Home Screen". Doing this will remove the URL header, and the Hubitat footer, to give you a much cleaner looking dash.

Add to Home Screen opinion in Safari

To top it off I added

.dashboard>div>.header>.flex.flex-auto.justify-end>.flex>i {
visibility: hidden;

to the CSS to hide the top right buttons. This gives me a pretty "clean" looking, fast loading dashboard.

Happy to help if you need any assistance.


Yes, this is how I've done it in the past. Thanks for typing all of that out!


took me a second to find my last one (at least the 5th time of pasting that) :rofl: glad to help :wink:

Tried this. But even when I click on the bookmark on my home screen, it takes me to that page where I need to select the dashboard :frowning:

After you click the square, choose the dashboard you want to save. While you are looking at the dashboard you want to save then click the three dots (not on the screen you see in my post).


On iOS, I click full screen. Then select my dashboard. Once viewing my dashboard I go to the share sheet and select “add to home screen”.


I had to triple check this on my iPad, and sorry Mac just goes out of their way sometimes to make things hard.

Once in HE full screen dash click the safari button top right to open the dash in it. Then click the share button "paper with up arrow". From there bottom row scroll to add to home screen.

Why that make us jump, I don't know, ask mac. I will try to update my sheet asap. (and then they will change it lol)