One bad zwave device

Well it wasn’t actually a bad device, but a inovelli red dimmer that I was installing in our master bedroom. I had it configured as non-neutral and controlling the light portion of a ceiling fan. For other reasons, I had self-inflicted difficulties with a Hampton Bay fan controller so left it disconnected - meaning the red dimmer was unpowered.

Well ALL my zwave button controllers stopped working last night - about 24 hours after powering it down. All my automations were fine but I just wasn’t getting any button events.

First thing I did this morning (after hitting a couple switches and realizing my button controllers were still hosed) was go into the zwave details where of course the red dimmer was listed as failed. Hit the remove (first time I have hit that button on the 2.2.4) and 30 seconds later it was gone - first time, I swear!!!

Instantly the button controllers came back to life. A few didn’t work the first time but they did the second.

So in summary:

  1. I feel the HE team has done a wicked job on the SW
  2. One bad zwave device, regardless of where it is in the mesh, can wreak havoc.

So true...I was dealing w/a recalctirant Z-Wave device that kept joining my network and then failing to remain connected. I could tell it had failed again when my other switches either didn't respond, or lagged badly. Just takes one bad apple...

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