One App Gives No Time Operations When Trying to Set a DateTime Variable

When I try to set a local DateTime variable in one app, I get no time operation options. I can only "Cancel this action":

If I choose another variable that is a number or boolean in the same app I get set options .

In another app I get my time options:

Any thoughts on what is going on?

I wonder if the rule might be corrupted…. The times I saw that, it was the issue and re-creating the rule was the solution.

That's what I was afraid of. It's my longest rule, and it will probably take me over an hour to recreate it.

Ouch! You could always download a backup, then restore an earlier backup from when you could edit it and export the rule. Then restore the latest backup and import the rule.

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I was about go through older backups, when I saw was available. Upon updating, the issue went away. I didn't roll back to check if that was the definitive fix and will simply give offerings to the software gods for my good fortune.

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