Onboarding and First Impressions

I have installed the beta on a Pixel 8. My main use case for the app in the past has been to receive notifications from the hub.

  • I only have one hub, but once logged in the app said it had discovered multiple hubs and asked me to select one. The list contained just one hub.
  • The standard (at least for a Pixel) request for location access popped up and I selected "only while using the app". After that I was prompted to update that to allow location access all the time, which I did.
  • A prompt for access to my physical(?) activity was next. I don't know what that would be for, and I denied that.
  • On the devices tab I tried to collapse each section of the list, but some of them automatically re-expand.
  • Dashboards will not rotate to landscape. I do have that setting turned on within the app and on my phone.
  • Geofence (both the home tab and through the app settings) show that I'm "out", but the map is blank. I can move the slider and I become "in" at about the halfway point, but I can't tell how big of a fence that encompasses.
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Google has some odd combinations of required access, likely related to geofence. And it could also be some future functionality, maybe to use your phone as an external sensor. You need not worry about the Hubitat folks, what you need to do is pay attention to what Edward Snowden said, the government already has access to EVERYTHING, resistance is futile.