On/OFF / Dimmer remote w battery and only 2 buttons


Im switching to Hubitat from ST. I have a few ikea on/off and blinds remote buttons.
I understand these are not supported.
So I'm looking for something similar, just on/off or up/down, wall plate would be nice.
I checked the supported device list but didnt find anything similar. I also dont want a 4 button remote like the hue and sengled dimmers.

Any suggestions?

This GoControl scene controller might fit the Bill:

GoControl WA00Z-1 Z-Wave Scene-Controller Wall Switch (White) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BKWG9XS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_k4gWFbG68Y5ZW

These Opple zigbee controllers will also work, but you’ll need a community driver, I think:

US $8.69 21% Off | International Version Aqara Opple wireless Smart Switch Without Wiring Requires Working For Apple HomeKit Wall Switch

Lutron Pico. It will require the Lutron Bridge Pro2, which is fairly steeply priced, but the Pico buttons are very reliable, cheap, and can be wall mounted without cutting any holes. If you are thinking about doing any number of buttons, the Bridge will pay for itself if you factor in the price of the Pico vs other brand buttons.


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If you are interested in still using the IKEA switches and have either a raspberry PI or a PC that is always on, then I have used a Conbee2 Zigbee USB stick plugged into my rpi and a community developed driver to communicate between my HE hub and the deConz software on my rpi. Let me know if you want to give it a go and I can pull together some more details.